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WELCOME TO MY GALLERY!!~ :iconkyunspainplz:
MY ART!!! >w<
My newest pictures!
Aw please if you want to,check my gallery,Hope you like it! x3

+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirl



Blaze Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiSonic the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiKnuckles the Echidna Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiTails the Fox Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiCream the Rabbit Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiShadow the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiRouge the Bat Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiWave Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiCosmo Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiChao Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiHero Chao Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiEspio Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiMarine Stamp by PFV0-Stamp
Chillin' like a Krillin by WizardofFalalasGoku eating clouds (GIF) by MilkshakeAngelz


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Daisy / Lovi
Artist | Student | Varied

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Catalan Language level: Expert by gaaradesert6Spanish lang4 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design/USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design
I'm from Spain by Iloveyoukisshu★☆


Hi,I'm Daisy! (well..not really but everyone calls me like that,feel free to call me Lovi if you want to,I kinda prefer that nickname hehe ^^),I'm 14 and I live in Spain :3..what else can I say..? Well I love a lot making drawings and I try my best to improve more and more (especially I'm trying to improve drawing anime).
Ummmh,I'm really shy (maybe not here,but in real life I'm too shy sometimes...XD) but also friendly,except when I'm mad...:iconrussiarapefaceplz:
Oh and she's my best friend/sis,you should check her gallery,is really awesome >v< :iconrmb1810: aww I love u so my lovely much sis,you're the best!! :iconpervyrachplz::iconpervydaisyplz: Ah,and this is mah plz account :iconderpbulmaplz:

~My dA Family: ~
:bulletpink:Sisters: :iconrmb1810:,:iconxxmaryakarixx:,:iconyasminathehedgie:(well she's my real sis)
:bulletblue:Brothers: :iconteriosshadow15:,:iconandyvader-bugbrawler:
:bulletgreen:Cousins: :iconsoniathecat:
:bulletpurple:Nephews: :iconaurorathewerehog:,:iconx-maxthewolf-x:,:iconnubloitzel:

My awesome,nice BFF--> :icondarkradx: (love ya mateeee >v<)
My awesome crazie bff from RL :'D --> :iconeowyngamervlog:

~Some of my fav characters:
:bulletblue:From Sonic: Blaze the cat and Sonic the hedgehog
:bulletblack:From Tekken: Nina Williams and Jin Kazama (Also I like other =w= )
:bulletred:From Mario: Princess Daisy (Umh,but also I really like Luigi xD)
:bulletorange:From DBZ: Vegeta!! (and Bulma)
:bulletpink:From Hetalia: Germany,Spain,UK,US,Canda and Sweeden (I can't decide..I like a lot of characters XD)
:bulletpurple:From Vocaloid: Yowane Haku and...MAIKA!!!
:bulletgreen:From Corpse Party: Kishinuma-kun! (and Ayumi Shinozaki)
:bulletwhite:From Resident Evil: (I almost didn't play it really much but whatever) Umh I guess Rebecca Chambers
:bulletyellow:From THOTD: Agent G

~Umhh..some of my fav games: (xD)
Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure,Sonic and the black Knight,Sonic Generations,Sonic Riders Zero Gravity,Sonic Unleashed,Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection,Tekken 6,Teken 4,Tekken TT2,Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles,THOTD: Overkill,THOTD 3,Mario 3D Land,Mario Kart 7,Mario Kart Wii,New Super Mario Bros 2...and other ones =w=U

~Consoles that I have:
PS2,PS3,PSP,Nintendo DS,Nintendo DSi,Nntendo DSi XL,Nintendo 3DS XL,Wii
╚>Vegeta by John55 <--- Oh goddammit..I love Vegeta..I really love Veggie x333 (xD..)☆
Corpse Party - Yoshiki Kishinuma Stamp by NekoHimeChamaUSUK Stamp - "Sexual Tensions" by MissBezzAPH: I love Doitsu Stamp by ChibikaedeAnd another GerIta stamp by Tea-StrawberryAPH: I love Alfred Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Antonio Stamp by Chibikaede-.-Igirisu-.- by VenomousViper3oAPH: I love Berwald Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: Berwald x Tino Stamp by ChibikaedeSu san Stamp by SoubixcosAPH: Feliks x Toris Stamp by ChibikaedeStamp: I love Spain by Kagome-InuyashkinaAntonio x Arthur by Tea-StrawberrySpain x  Romano STAMP by dennybuttFUSOSOSOSOSO by CorruptedAlchemistxxSpain by YukinoTenshi23Germany stamp 4 by veronica-the-foxI'M THE HERO stamp by those-silly-demonsOHOHO. by AlchemyOtaku17APH - ITALYxJAPAN Stamp by leadervanceAnd another GerIta stamp by Tea-StrawberryAPH: I love Ludwig Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH Cuba x Canada Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH: I love Feliciano Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Lovino Stamp by ChibikaedeGermany by YukinoTenshi23APH: I love Ivan Stamp by ChibikaedeRussia Kol'd Stamp by MissBezzAPH: Axis Stamp by ChibikaedeGermany and Italy stamp by daisykartFUKKIRETA stamp~~~ by CrystheWaterNinjaAPH :: L'Oreal Stamp by u-sagiJin Kazama by Nana-BeatsMiguel Stamp by vdaymassacreVegeta gets angry stamp by DarkraDxVegeta .:Stamp17:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta Stamp by PixieDust01True Blue Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxVegeta .:Stamp01:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta Stamp by KazultheDragonRebecca Chambers Fan by QuidxProxQuo


:iconlaplz: :iconhurrplz: :iconimhighplz: :iconimhappyplz: :iconicameplz: :iconmotherofgodplz:



~Sonic Couples:
Sonaze,Tailrine,Knouge,Silvamy (and also I like a little Shadamy),Jetave,Shadally
~Mario Couples:
Luigi X Daisy,Mario X Peach
~Tekken Couples:
Jin X Nina (But I also like a little Jin with Xiaoyu),Lars X Alisa,Kazuya X Jun
~Dragon Ball Couples:
Vegeta X Bulma,Goku X ChiChi,Krillin X Android 18,Gohan X Videl,Goten X Bulla,Trunks X Marron
~Hetalia Couples:
:iconch1plz::iconch2plz::iconch3plz: :iconch1plz::iconch2plz::iconch3plz::iconch1plz::iconch2plz::iconch3plz: :iconch1plz::iconch2plz:

Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Hosted By Anime <///v///< A-Artie..~
What Hetalia Character Are You?
What Hetalia Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
(LoL I knew I was going to get Romano,because I took a different quizz before and it said I was like Romano...well after this one I took a different one and it said I was Ludwig,meh I may be like both)

Sonic Stamp by CriWolfyBlaze the cat stamp by SeeraphineAwesome Sonaze Stamp by Powerwing-AmberSUPER SONIC STYLE! by Super-HedgehogBlaze the Cat by NoNamepjeAnti SonicXSally Stamp :Free: by WiqqlesSonaze Popularity by SA948-StampsBlaze is not a Mary Sue Stamp by VertekinsSonic is Awesome Stamp by SpeedyAlchemistBlaze Stampy :3 by BlazeCookieAnti Sonamy stamp by migueruchanStamp: Sonaze is the real deal. by FunnelVortexAnnoying Amy Stamp by Chibi-Mars-JaneSonamy and Sonally fans... by Needlekirby364Anti Silvaze stamp by Riley-the-FoxDaisy Love Stamp by kcjedi89Nina Stamp by UltimaArrowJin Stamp by UltimaArrowXiaoyu Stamp by UltimaArrowDragon Soul Stamp by DbzbabeMunch 2 by DbzbabeWTF WORMS Stamp by DbzbabeRock paper scissors by OsoroshiiYasaiIll Fight, no I will by DbzbabePink shirt Stamp by Dbzbabeyowane haku stamp by wolftwins+Stamps+Kurono Kurumu by chibichibimanaMoka Stamp by Rikku2011Lilium Stamp Elfen Lied by Rikku2011Krillin stamp by LazaerDBZ Battle of the Gods - Vegeta/Bulma stamp 1 by DbzbabeWere Home Stamp by DbzbabeDBZ Battle of the Gods - Vegeta dancing stamp by DbzbabeWTF WORMS Stamp by Dbzbabe+Sonic Rush Stamp+ by Fuzon-SThe official T3LP stamp by TheBourgymanJin Kazama Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97

APH - St Valentine SPAIN by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine SOUTH ITALY by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine UK by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine USA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine CANADA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine GERMANY by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine PRUSSIA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine SWEDEN by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine FINLAND by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine GREECE by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine ROMA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine TURKEY by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine FRANCE by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine RUSSIA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine JAPAN by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine CHINA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine POLAND by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine LITHUANIA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine LATVIA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine ESTONIA by MiharaEmiko
:iconxxmaryakarixx: ''Grazie''~

1) Usted debe publicar estas reglas.
2) Cada persona TIENE que compartir 10 datos sobre sí mismo.
3) Responder a las 10 preguntas formuladas por la persona que le ha marcado y realizar 10 preguntas para el "top 10" a los que etiquetarás.
4) Elegir a 10 personas y poner sus iconos en el Journal.
5) Ir a su página e informarles de que han sido etiquetados por ti. (Esta parte ya no es necesario)
6) No es algo COMO "Estas taggeado si lees esto".
7) Hay que etiquetar mínimo a 10 personas.
8) No hay taggeos de vuelta.
9) No se puede decir que usted no hace las etiquetas.
10) ¡Usted debe hacer un Journal! No hay comentarios ... a no ser que se trate del Journal

(10 cosas sobre mi I: )~
1.-Soy awesome :iconprussiaplz:
2.-Quiero a mi propio Letonia al que poder aplastar cuando me cabree!! :iconrussiasadplz:
3.-Soy una tsundere Romano (Cries) [V4] 
4.-Le cojo asco demasiado rapido a algunas personas I: (No es mi culpa que sean perras :U)
5.-Me encanta el anime~
6.-Siempre odié un montón el yaoi (incluso me saba asco :U),hasta que conoci Hetalia awa
7.-Quisiera visitar muchos paises ;A;
8.-Me gustaria hacer cosplay algun dia Spain (Happy Cashier) [V3] 
9.-Me iré al Ikea ahora mismo para buscar a Sweden/Berwie!~(?) ROMANO.... 
10.- No me gusta que me llamen que soy kawaii ;A; (GEEEZ yo soy awesome Angry Romano )


1.-¿Te gustan los Unicornios?
A mi? Pff claro,tengo uno!!! England (Laughing) [V3] ..Y ponis tambien :U (?)
2.-¿:T Tienes novio/a?   ...Nein
3.-¿Cuál es tu fandom favorito? Ahora mismo..Hetalia ewe
4.-¿Conoces Mekakucity Actors? What? .A.
5.-Si es así...Si ya leiste el Manga...¿Lloraste con la muerte de Seto,Kano y Kido? *Coughs* England (Evil) [V3]  No lo vi!
6.-DAME DINERO >:C Ahora mismo te lo d-.....NAH ERA BROMA,EL MONEY ES MIO!!
8.-No sé ._. ¿Que haces a parte de ver porno? Ver mas porno! (?) Nah...Se supone que estoy dibujando :U
9.-c: :DDDD
10.-Denmark es mio :iconfryplz: Y UK es mio,solo mio YOU ATTACK AUSTRIA, YOU DIE. 


1) Hola~ ¿Qué tal? :iconjapanposeplz:
2) ¿Qué anime es tu favorito?
3) ¿Te harás uno con la Madre Rusia,da? Russia (Curse) [V2] 
4) ¿Cual es una de tus canciones favoritas?~ :DD
5) ¿Si pudieras elegir un poder...Cual seria? ewe
7) Comprame un helado :U
8) ¿Cúales son tus videojuegos favoritos?~
10) *Embolia cerebral* Pensar preguntas es difícil (?)...ME PIRO!!~ Chau,ya eres libre Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2]  

:iconnite3007: :icondarkradx: :iconeowyngamervlog: :iconruderig: :iconfancat33445: Bueno solo esos~ Ale ahi tienen!! :iconspainkyunplz:
  • Listening to: Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman~
  • Reading: Fanfics..?
  • Watching: Mah laptop screen
  • Eating: Ice cream .u.

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Omg I'm really really glad that you like my drawings (Ops sorry about the thing of the fanfic,but it would be hard for me to write it all properly in English).Ah and yea? So you like SpUK too? Aww that's amazing~  Nice to meet you!!~ >v<
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Yeah sure,I accepted your request to join.Welcome to the group~
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tnx so so much i will start right away XD
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Uh claro
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